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2023/2024 season info

Contact Tony Worton to register your interest to patrol on 0427 657 412

  • Go to and ensure your contact details are up to date, and renew your membership. Payment can be made online, via bank transfer or over the bar on Sundays between 3pm and 6pm.

  • In the Members area, go to eLearning, look in the Training Library, enrol and complete the online component of the 2024 Skills Maintenance. If you have any questions about training or courses, contact trainer Ben Hosick on 0420 450 550.

  • Check your uniforms, and if you need anything please email with what you require.

Patrol 1

Captain: Tony Worton

IRBD: Tony Worton

IRBC: Ron Byrnes

Bronze: Tony Miller

Bronze: Sarah Feldman

SRC: Billy Miller

Patrol 2

Captain: Ben Hosick

IRBD: Ben Hosick

IRBC: Robert Dwyer

IRBC/ARTC: Finlay Baird

Bronze/ARTC: Kate Dwyer

Bronze: Jim Dwyer

Bronze: William Hosick

SRC: Sam Hannaford

Patrol 3

Captain: Michelle Garvan

IRBD/ARTC: Peter Bagnal

IRBD/ARTC: Susie Bell

IRBC: Cassie Garvan

Bronze: Luca Pensini

Bronze: Nicole Crowe


IRBD: Gary Hawkins

BBM/ARTC/IRBD: Dave Napper

Bronze: Eden Kaminski

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